At FierceliFit, we believe that running isn’t just a solo pursuit — it’s a powerful tool for building stronger, healthier, and more cohesive teams. Our mission is to empower organizations as well as individuals with a comprehensive running training program that promotes mental and physical wellness while building teams and community along the way.

Race-Ready Training

Did you think we only had our sights set on our own races? Think again! We initially kickstarted as a training group specifically geared towards newcomers to running. Our passion and commitment have only grown stronger over time. Whether you’re a complete newbie to the running scene or just looking to spice up your training routine, don’t worry! At FierceliFit, our expert coaches have curated fresh, personalized training plans just for you. Our training regimen delivers a package deal that includes: #1 A race strategy guaranteed to get you across that finish line. #2 The endurance to go the distance. #3 Valuable one-on-one feedback to propel you forward. #4 Free Training Tech Tshirt. So, what’s holding you back? Join us today!

FierceliFit March’24
Race Training

Never run before? No problem!

We offer free training for registered first-time runners for our upcoming race in March! We have meticulously crafted a 10-week training program that caters to your individual needs.

In-Person Training Highlights:

  • Training plan schedule for half marathon
  • Weekly discussion to work on one new area of focus
  • Suggested weekday workouts
  • Coach-supported long runs for all in-person training

Join us now, seats are limited and available on a first come first served basis!

Calendar For
Upcoming Race Trainings

FierceliFit March ’24 Training (From 6th Jan’24 Onwards)
San Francisco Half Marathon (TBD)
Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon (TBD)
Golden Gate Half Marathon (TBD)

FierceliFit started exclusively as a training group for people new to running, and now, seven years later, the team is still at it! Whether you are a newcomer or looking for structured training, the FierceliFit coaches have a training plan for you!

During the course of your training, the coaches will provide personalized insight into how to improve your race strategy, endurance, and running form and provide one-on-one feedback.

It is a fantastic platform for runners of any experience level if we say so ourselves! We have trained runners for Golden Gate, Livermore, Hellyer, and many other races.

Corporate Training

Whether you’re a seasoned runner or have never laced up your shoes, we’re here to support you on your journey to better health and teamwork. Through expert coaching, personalized plans, and group camaraderie, we inspire employees to achieve their fitness goals and foster a culture of well-being within your organization.

Join us in harnessing the transformative power of running to boost productivity, strengthen bonds, and cultivate a happier, healthier workplace.