Meet The Team

The Powerhouse of FierceliFit’s Mission

Sonali Desai

Founder and Head Coach

Meet Sonali Desai, Founder and Head Coach of FierceliFit. Back in 2009, an email landed in her inbox about a nonprofit organization teaching people to run and raise funds for building schools in remote villages in India. She had no experience in competitive running and no push towards sports growing up – but that email sparked something. She figured, why not give it a try and run for a good cause?

Training with that nonprofit, Sonali discovered her love for running. From zero to full marathons and even 50K, she went the distance. Realizing how much running helped her both physically and mentally, Sonali felt if she can get this far, anybody can with the right guidance. After losing a friend to depression, she made it her mission to help others, especially women like herself, in realizing their true potentials and achieving feats they would never have dreamt of.

Sonali’s journey shouts, “If I can do it, you can too.” FierceliFit is her way of sharing this mission with the world.

If I can do it, you can too.

Pradeep Nagaraja A.

Head Coach

Pradeep Nagaraja Aithal, Head Coach, is from Namma Bengaluru. He started running as a way to lose weight while pursuing his master’s degree which also inspired his passion for long-distance running. Pradeep ran his first half marathon back in 2010 at San Francisco. Since then, he has run several Half marathons, Full marathons, and 50K trail races.

He is also an avid backpacker after having hiked MT Whitney, Half Dome, and Grand Canyon R2R2R to name a few. Pradeep likes to volunteer at local races as an official race pacer motivating runners.

Pradeep acknowledges the first half marathon training challenges he had to go through both physically and emotionally. It is very easy to make newbie mistakes, lose focus, get injured and quit. Pradeep wants to share his decade of experience to keep runners informed, motivated and to stay injury-free, to make running a part of their lifestyle.

Running is the therapy that always works.

Yash Desai

Yash initially ran track during his school days, but eventually trained under Sonali and completed a half marathon in college.

He also enjoys playing pickup basketball and cycling (especially when helping to guide FierceliFit trainees along their practice routes). His passion for FierceliFit and what they do comes from the day it began, seeing first hand how lives were changed for the better year after year.

DK - Dhiru Patel

Dhiru Patel, also known as DK, believes that the best view comes after the hardest climb. Passionate about cycling and hiking, these activities hold an indelible place in his heart.

DK's unwavering dedication to health and wellness led him to become an integral part of FierceliFit. Through FierceliFit, DK strives to inspire and help others embark on their own exhilarating journeys to better health and happiness.

Neelam Tanwani

When Neelam Tanwani initially contemplated taking up running, it seemed impossible to ever complete a half marathon. But with Sonali and Pradeep, and their carefully drafted plan she was able to run not one but two half marathons.

It was a dream come true, leading to a firm belief in FierceliFit’s passion and vision. Neelam decided to associate herself with FierceliFit and support others in reaching their goals, one race at a time!

Piyush Modi

Piyush Modi ran his first half-marathon in Nov 2015, with guidance and help from his coach.

He firmly believes that if you get the right guidance and support group, it infuses positive energy, even if you haven't run in the past. For him, it is time to give back, and for that, he is committed to helping his mentors and the FierceliFit family in any way possible.