At FierceliFit, we aren’t here to simply run some miles. We are here to build robust and healthy communities. Our mission? To equip both organizations and individuals with a top-notch training regimen for running that champions well-being!

Training For Other Races

FierceliFit started exclusively as a training group for people new to running, and now, seven years later, the team is still at it! Whether you are a newcomer or looking for structured training, the FierceliFit coaches have a training plan for you!

During the course of your training, the coaches will provide personalized insight into how to improve your race strategy, endurance, and running form and provide one-on-one feedback.

It is a fantastic platform for runners of any experience level if we say so ourselves!

We have trained runners for Golden Gate, Livermore, Hillier and many other races.

Race-Ready Training

Did you think we only had our sights set on our own races? Think again! We initially kickstarted as a training group specifically geared towards newcomers to running. Our passion and commitment have only grown stronger over time. Whether you’re a complete newbie to the running scene or just looking to spice up your training routine, don’t worry! At FierceliFit, our expert coaches have curated fresh, personalized training plans just for you. Our training regimen delivers a package deal that includes: #1 A race strategy  guaranteed to get you across that finish line. #2 The endurance to go the distance. #3 The secret to perfecting your running form. #4 Valuable one-on-one feedback to propel you forward. In the past, we’ve coached runners for a wide array of races, from Golden Gate to Livermore and Hillier – you name it, we’ve conquered it together! So, what’s holding you back? Join us today!

Our Memories From
Past Training Sessions